Female Empowerment & Life Clarity Coaching

Helping High-Achieving Women Get More of What They Want

Yes, Please

You don’t need to be “fixed.” More like, refocused.

If you’re like most of the women I work with, you’ve already achieved a lot in life. You’re whip-smart, educated, have an awesome career, and everyone around you sees you as extremely successful.

Despite all this, you’ve been feeling like something is missing or that your achievements don’t really fit who you are (or want to be) anymore.

So, if you're still seeking joy or clarity around the next chapter in life, feeling a general sense of inconsistent or low self-esteem, or maybe just in a funky, “what now?” type of place, you can breathe easy because I’m here to help you get this all sorted.
I got you.

Are you ready to find that confident, secure, go-getter you that's somehow gone missing or has just been slowly slipping away?

Look, this is your life, your dream, and it shouldn't feel like work or be sucky —it should be fun!

I’m here to help you figure out what you actually want so you can get more of it and learn how to keep that action and energy flowing!

1:1 Custom Coaching:
Design A Life You Love

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“With Martina’s help I was able to let go of [the past] and move confidently into plans and goals for [the year ahead].” - Elena Joy

As a fellow high-achiever, I know what it’s like to lose that thunder or to suddenly feel like something is amiss.
After several ventures and mentoring students as a professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Presidio Graduate School, I’ve come to learn that my greatest passion is to help women to find their way out of uncertainty and into confidently designing lives that they love.

I am on a mission to show smart and high-achieving women—in male-dominated industries—how to create personal and professional success on their own terms while remaining authentic and loving toward themselves.

Let me help you create awareness of your thoughts, discover and effectively address what is holding you back from achieving what you want, and who you want to become.

Hi there! I'm Martina.

“Martina was instrumental in helping me think through crater-sized roadblocks and devising strategies to keep me from falling back into old patterns.” - Alexis T.

You seem to have it all together. You are educated, have a good career and make good money in your job. You’ve been working hard and achieved things you thought you should want at this stage in life. You seem like you are living the dream.

But deep down and in private you know something isn’t right. Maybe you still feel like you’re not reaching your true potential (and having the deep meaning and satisfaction you thought you’d have by now) in one or more aspects of your life.

If you've found yourself here, it's possible that you:


Do your friends compare you to themselves, saying you’re an example of where they want to be?

Does your life seem pretty perfect from the outside?

Feel stuck in some way.
Believe you’re living a good life, but not your dream life.
Think to yourself: “Am I asking too much? Should I just be happy with what I have? Who am I to complain? There are people in the world who would kill for the life I have.
Feel overwhelmed and confused about what would make you happy, what you should focus on next.
Feel like you followed the playbook—got the degree(s), got the job, got the house, got the relationship, etc. So why are you still having that nagging feeling for more?
Are asking yourself, “I am smart, educated; I should be able to figure this out. So why am I not “there” yet?”

I’m Ready

The truth is, most of the choices you’ve made in life are because you think you should or that it would make you feel a certain way (more secure, more confident, more whole, more happy).

So, what if we flipped the script? What if you made conscious decisions everyday to choose how you want to feel?

This would, of course, reshape your goals, how you spend your time, and even how you talk to and treat yourself and to your loved ones.

What if you started from a place of self-love and self-respect? What would that look like? What would that feel like?

You know you’re meant for more. I’m here to help you pave your dream path.