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There was a time that perfectionism controlled me. I was a people pleaser, always out to prove myself to everyone. I had convinced myself I was pursuing happiness and success but what I ended up finding was burnout, anxiety, and a constant feeling of never being quite enough.

This is why I’m here now, for you—to guide you out of the shadows using techniques that I adapted from business frameworks specifically for personal development.

I’m here to show every woman that you can be unapologetically you; that there is no need to be “good,” or “right,” or “perfect” in order to live your dream life on your own terms. YOU, my friend, have all the power and I’m here to help you own it.

With the combination of my professional experience and former personal struggles, I’m here to help you create awareness of your thoughts, discover and effectively address what’s holding you back, and learn practical and sustainable ways to design a life you love. 

From one high-achiever to another, trust me when I say the way you’re feeling right now- I know it all too well. 

Meet Martina

Let’s Get Started

"Martina has an incredible way of listening...asking powerful questions, and helping you create a roadmap to achieve your vision.” - Becca R.

My Vision
To provide custom one-on-one transformational coaching that is uplifting, inclusive, and well-rounded.

My Mission
Is to empower high-achieving women to reignite their confidence and goals in order to design a life they love.

So many to pick - Prague (my first home), Florence, Bali, Barcelona....

favorite place:

The Lord of the Rings [yep - I am that girl].

favorite Movie:

Coffee in the morning, green juice mid-day & wine in the evening.

favorite drink:

Traveling around the world and learnign about different cultures. [Ask me about my passport].

favorite Activity:

I’m a woman and immigrant who studied science and whose first language is not English.
Are you ready to join me in continuing to create new realities—for yourself and for other women—where busting through the glass ceiling is an expectation and not just a ‘silly idea.’

There’s Nothing Like Bonding Over Broken Glass

"Martina is a master excavator, who digs up those kernels of truth that you have buried in your subconscious. The hidden stories you tell yourself that are keeping you stuck. She kept me honest with myself, focused on the future and moving forward toward my goals." - Alexis T.

You Want More
Do you carry around a nagging feeling that you can be more, create more, contribute more?
Whatever MORE is for you
(happiness, money, freedom, purpose),
if you’re willing to take the steps to make your dream life a reality, I’m here to show you how to become the best version of yourself over and over again.

You’re Exhausted
Are you running all cylinders— killing it at work, trying to do all the things, showing you can do anything and everything?
But when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, you don't feel very successful.
You are exhausted.
The time has come for you to change your entire strategy and design the life you truly want to have.

Once I decided to envision, design, and achieve my own path to happiness based on my own values and desires, everything changed.
This is what I want for you too—to sculpt every aspect of your life while remaining authentic and loving toward yourself.
No doubt whoever is looking up to you right now is about to be doubly inspired to make the most of her life too. Look at you already lifting up other ladies!

Empowered Women Empower Women