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Empowering and Guiding The High-Achiever in You

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For high-achievers like us, there can be a very real and often ongoing struggle between appearing like someone who has it all and has achieved a lot, and a deep feeling of uncertainty, unrest, and knowing you have more to give, create and contribute to the world.

It’s time to stop driving yourself wild with the whole, “I should have achieved [X] by now,” or “Why am I not feeling [Y] yet?” Instead, let’s focus your energy on designing by intention—building your dream life one sustainable goal at a time.
And heck, maybe we’ll even have a little fun along the way! 

The Battle Between Seemingly Wonderful & Wanting More

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We’ll meet twice a month for 6 months, for 1 hour each session.

There will be a total of 12 sessions, in addition to your VIP Day.

Our final closing-out session will last about 2 hours so we have plenty of time to wrap up, celebrate your success to-date, and ensure you’ve got everything you need to keep kicking *ss.

How It Works

VIP Day: We’ll kick things off with a 3-hour power session focused on identifying your top focus areas, creating your future vision, uncovering what’s got you stuck, creating a tailored success plan, and taking the first action-oriented step.

Phase One: The Foundation— solidify your goals and build your Success Plan and Achievement Ladder.

Phase Two: Unleashed— let the creativity fly by building your Options Map and learning how to engage the world in your vision.

Phase Three: No Matter What— it’s time to prototype your way to success! This step is all about taking action and moving forward. We’ll explore how to overcome roadblocks and create meaningful, sustainable change.

What It Looks Like

I’ll help you get clear on the primary goals to focus on over the course of our work together—they can be personal, professional, or a mix of both.
Get ready to create anything you want in life, in ways that align with your values, identity, and authentic self.

Not Your Traditional Goal Planning Program

Individual Coaching Customized To You

“Martina provides the scaffolding and tools to make anything a success, whether you have a personal or business goal."  - Becca R.

 I Want To Learn More

Freedom from self-judgment.
Practical tools and tactics to envision, design, and achieve your goals.
A blossoming relationship with your ‘future’ self.
Trust in your own wisdom and intuition.
Being able to identify and reframe your limiting beliefs.
Strategies for stopping self-sabotage, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and turning goals into accomplishments.
A clear understanding of the changes you wish to continue working toward.
Pure joy and admiration at how far you’ve come and your ability now to keep going throughout all seasons of your life.
Being able to love who you are now as well as who you’re working to become.

You’ll Come Away From Our Time Together With...

Allow me to boldly guide you on this journey toward personal and professional success, in new ways and on your own terms.
I will show you the power of deep mindset work while applying innovative techniques as we celebrate and honor every step of your journey. You have my word.

Are you ready to commit to your success and truly design a life you love?
Are ready to put in the work to hit your long-term goals, while still being kind to yourself and staying true to who you are, throughout the process?

“Martina has a thoughtful approach to entrepreneurism. She encouraged me to explore and evaluate my business idea in multiple ways, thereby reducing innovation risk."  - Kathy H.

Do not allow another day, week, month, or year to go by without taking the first step toward designing a life you truly love.
Deep down you know things need to change.
You know you have more to give, more to create, and more to experience in this world.
Don’t be afraid to step into the world you want.

This is your time and you have the power to take charge

Not quite ready for the full 6-month coaching program? 

Ask about my one-day Kickstart Intensives.

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